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Getting Started:

Choose the bedding as the inspiration for the room's decor. Where better to start than with the focal point of the room? Choose complementary colors from your bedding that will extend through out the room with fabrics, rugs and accessories. To help with the next steps in the decorating process NoJo offers these stylish and practical tips with these inspiring Design Boards.

As you begin to create your vision for your nursery and plan its overall look and layout, create a timetable to make the task a little easier. A timetable will help you alleviate stress and manage the project from start to finish.

Decorating Timetable

In the First Trimester: It's time to dream.
  • Save inspirational photos
  • Gather Swatches
  • Notice styles that appeal to you
  • Enjoy being pregnant. After all, this is a very special time!
In the Second Trimester: Time to make it happen! Put Your Plan into Action
  • Prep your room for the room's conversion
  • research all potential purchases in advance
  • Register and purchase all key elements such as the bedding, crib, changing table and glider
  • Plan a room makeover timeline. Determine weather you are hiring outside help for painting or enlisting family and friends.
  • Determine your budget and stick to it
In the Third Trimester: Take it All In and Finalize the last little details!
  • Add the finishing touches such as decorative accessories
  • Get ready for the baby by stocking the essentials
  • Wash and hang clothes in the closet
Getting Started: Design Do’s & Don’ts    

Keep these DESIGN DO’S in mind:

  • Do choose a design style and carry it throughout the entire room
  • Do create a budget that is realistic
  • Do make a floor plan
  • Do create a timeline
  • Do think of the future
  • Do limit your color palette
  • Do ask for help

Reduce stress, save time and money with crossing off these DESIGN DONT’S:

  • Don’t wait until the third trimester to start decorating
  • Don’t blow your budget
  • Don’t be afraid to paint
  • Don’t make big purchases without measuring first
  • Don’t become overwhelmed with the process

As you begin to create your vision for your nursery and plan the overall look and layout of the room, the task can seem overwhelming. 

For inspiration we have put together several Design Boards, please go here.


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Updated September 19th, 2017