Mom and Baby Safety

Mom and Baby Safety

We at NoJo Baby & Kids, Inc. are committed to safety & quality, our products are tested at third party certified laboratory to ensure that they meet and comply with the applicable safety rules, bans, standards, and regulations specified in U.S. Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards and Code of Federal Regulations(CFR).

Decorating the nursery is a cherished project for new parents and caregivers. Bedding must always be used as instructed by the manufacturer to help ensure baby’s safety.

Here are some bedding guidelines when setting up your nursery:

  • To reduce the risk of SIDS, pediatricians recommend healthy infants be placed on their backs to sleep, unless otherwise advised by your physician.
  • ALWAYS use a tight-fitting crib sheet.
  • NEVER place additional padding under an infant. Only a tight fitted sheet, mattress pad and/or waterproof pad should be used under the baby
  • NEVER place infants to sleep on pillows, sofa cushions, adult beds, waterbeds, beanbags, or any other surface not specifically designed for infant sleep
  • Remove pillows, sheepskins, pillow-like stuffed toys and products not intended as infant bedding from the crib when infants are sleeping. NEVER place additional padding under an infant.
  • Do not overdress your baby. Consider using a sleeper, wearable blanket or other sleep clothing as an alternative to any covering.
  • For newborns, consider swaddling. Discontinue swaddling when infants show signs of rolling over or can break free from the swaddle blanket or commercial products designed for swaddling.
  • Check periodically for loose threads or stitching which could cause gagging or choking.
  • Keep stuffed toys and other objects (like quilts, pillows, etc.) out of the cribs of sleeping infants and younger children. If children roll their faces against these objects while napping, it can obstruct their breathing.
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